Credit Control for Tradesmen

We specialise in managing your credit control which means getting late payments under control and making your procedures more efficient to ensure they are kept under control.


Problem with unpaid invoices

The services we offer will be determined by your company's specific requirements. This leads to improved cash flow and reduced debts. With your cash where you want it - in your bank.

We can handle the process from initiating new customer credit checks through to debt collection and, if required, legal debt recovery.

The specific services we offer include;

  • Efficient collection of outstanding monies
  • Increasing you business cash flow
  • Significantly reducing your indebtedness
  • Identifying misallocation of monies
  • Building and preserving customer relationships
  • Resolving aged debt queries
  • Reducing sales days outstanding
  • Reconciliation of accounts
  • Implementing ongoing procedures to enhance efficiency
  • As part of the management function we will also supply management reports showing progress, with the frequency and detail agreed with each client.

    Once the debtor days have been brought under control we will develop and adapt your existing procedures to ensure ongoing efficiency. It is not our aim to give a short term fix but to offer a long term, robust solution. An important part of this process is the enhancement of customer relationships on the financial side, to support your sales activity.

    We will also identify training requirements for staff to help ensure smooth running of the accounting system and procedures, into the future.

    To see how our services could benefit your company contact us for a free discussion with no obligation.

    Outsourced credit control for tradesmen

    If you outsource your credit control you get immediate peace of mind that it is being handled by specialists. This allows you to concentrate on running your company while we manage your credit control, improving your debtor day performance and thus profitability.

    Other benefits include:

    Enhanced customer relations, Clear management reporting, Access to specialist knowledge and current legislation

    Why outsource your credit control for tradesmen?

    The simple aim of the credit control function is to convert invoices into cash in your bank. We've been there before. We know that plumbers often remain unpaid for the work they've done. We believe we can help you achieve this in the most efficient way possible because we specialise in this area and have huge experience and knowledge of the subject. Not only will we reduce your debtor days but we will enhance your customer relationships by the way we handle them. As you probably already know, this area can be fraught and therefore needs very careful management.

    The reasons for outsourcing credit control are many and varied. It could be an issue of finding time to chase payments or a lack of suitably skilled staff. Or you might simply want to improve this area of your business if it is underperforming.

    Whatever your motivation, there are a number of clear benefits to outsourcing your credit control to Jackie Evans & Associates.

  • Measurable improvement in debtor days and outstanding debts meaning improved cash flow.
  • Reduced indebtedness as a result of improved cash flow and more money in the bank.
  • Enhanced customer relations to improve chances of ongoing business and customer loyalty.
  • A professional approach to credit control enhancing your company's image and reputation.
  • Freeing up time so you and your staff can concentrate on their areas of expertise to develop your business.
  • Up to date knowledge of current legislation.
  • Clear, understandable management reports so you know exactly where your ledger stands at any time.
  • Reduction in stress and added peace of mind for you.
  • If you want to find out more about the benefits of outsourcing your credit control then contact us for a free discussion with no obligation.

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