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A service engineer will service the central heating boiler / system cleaning and adjusting it as necessary, any other appliances within the same dwelling that are checked will incur an additional cost.

MPP Heating Services

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SECTION 1: Cover provided

MPP will provide the level of cover set out below in respect of the primary heating appliance and heating system within the property as defined and identified by the contract agreement number.

(a) Whole central heating system. (Exclusions may apply see section 9)
(b) Boiler and controls. (Exclusions may apply see section 9)
(c) Priority attention 24 hours a day.
(d) Safety inspection on other gas or oil appliances.
(e) Annual service visit.
(f) Breakdown, labour and materials, on boiler and controls. (Excludes additional space heating).


(a) Whole central heating system (Service Care Plus)
The central heating boiler or warm air unit, the gas or oil supply from the appliance to the meter or tank together with the pump, thermostatic radiator valves, motorised valves and cylinder thermostat, timer, temperature and pressure controls, radiators, accessible pipe work and expansion tank.

(b) Boiler and Controls (Service Care)
The central heating boiler or warm air unit, Programmer, room thermostat and cylinder thermostat.

(c) Priority attention
MPP will endeavour, subject to work load and availability of labour, to give same day response to any breakdown or failure of the heating or other essential heating appliance.

(d) Safety inspection
At the same time as the service, all appliances will be safety checked by our service engineer for correct and safe operation.

(e) Annual service visit
A service engineer will service the central heating boiler / system cleaning and adjusting it as necessary, any other appliances within the same dwelling that are checked will incur an additional cost (e.g. gas fire). A full visual inspection of additional appliances will be undertaken and certificate issued.

(f) Breakdown free labour and parts
No additional charge will be made for labour or materials used on the primary heating appliance or system . Materials and labour will be charged for additional appliances attended (i.e. fires, water heaters, wall heaters, cooker etc.) in the event of a breakdown.

SECTION 2: Acceptance to the Plan

2.1 The heating system will only be accepted on to the Plan following an in depth inspection

2.2 Acceptance to the scheme is complete only when remedial works highlighted by our representative on the initial inspection are completed to the inspector’s satisfaction. These remedial works will be chargeable in addition to the first annual contract fee.

2.3 Acceptance to the MPP Service Care Plan does not imply that the systems or its components are installed or designed correctly, or meet the prevailing standards as laid down by MPP and the Council of Registered Gas Installers (CORGI) and OFTEC.

2.4 MPP reserve the right not to accept proposals to the Plan for reasons of safety, accessibility for servicing, non availability of spare parts or economics.

2.5 Cost quoted include appliances up to 60kw.

SECTION 3: Term of contract

3.1 The contract is valid for a minimum term of one year from the date on which the agreement was initially made between the applicant and MPP. Unless otherwise agreed and confirmed in writing.

SECTION 4: Payment and renewal

4.1 Payment can be made in full by cheque, credit/debit card.

4.2 You remain responsible for ensuring that the full premium is paid under the policy.

4.3 If payment is not made on the required date we can cancel your policy or suspend your benefits under your policy until your payment is brought up to date by giving 30 days notice in writing. Any incidents that occur when your policy is suspended will not be covered.

SECTION 5: Termination of contract

5.1 MPP may refuse, at its discretion, to continue cover on systems which fail to comply with the current Safety Regulations (Installation & Use) 1998. (This may only apply until remedial work identified on the initial safety inspection is rectified and the invoice settled.) And guidance by OFTEC.

5.2 The minimum contract term is twelve months. Thereafter it can be cancelled by either party by giving one months notice.

5.3 MPP reserve the right to cancel without refund, for reasons of safety, accessibility for servicing, or non availability of spare parts.

SECTION 6: Provision of spare parts

6.1 MPP may supply and fit adequate replacement parts or components which are not the same as the parts to be replaced, except in the case of gas or oil carrying parts.

6.2 MPP shall not be held responsible for any delay in the provision of spare parts.

SECTION 7: Replacement of central heating boiler or other appliances

7.1 See exclusions Section 9, paragraph 13.

SECTION 8: Use of sub-contractors

8.1 MPP reserves the right to use suitably qualified sub-contractors to cover its obligations to the service plan due to absence of labour, increased demand from breakdown, or force majeure.

SECTION 9: Exclusions

The following are excluded from the service contract.

9.1 Adjustments of time or temperature controls.

9.2 Replacement of decorative parts (i.e., radiants, fire surrounds, dress guards, coals etc.)

9.3 Any domestic hot/cold water supply from the cold water storage tank or gas appliance to the taps, to include hot water cylinder and cold main.

9.4 Any defect or inadequacy attributable to the original design or installation of the central heating system/appliance.

9.5 Any part of the central heating system or, gas supply buried within the fabric of the building (i.e. pipes in walls, under floor boards or screeds).

9.6 Any defect caused by malicious or wilful action, negligence, misuse and third party interference.

9.7 Any defect or damage occasioned by fire, lightning, explosion, flood, storm, tempest, frost, impact, or any other extraneous cause.

9.8 Consequential damage or loss arising as a result of a defect occurring in the central heating system, or any gas appliance, unless such a defect is a result of negligence on the part of MPP.

9.9 Any defect occurring from a failure of the electricity, gas or oil supply.

9.10 Any descaling or desludging, or any work arising from hard water scale deposits, or from damage caused from aggressive water.

9.11 Any drain-downs, refills, vent and tests if the property is between occupation.

9.12 Any repair which may be deemed as uneconomical (or appliance is over seven years old) which may be close to, or exceed the cost of replacement of the boiler. A discount of £250 may be allowed against the cost of a new boiler appliance.

9.13 Service Care Plus covers the replacement of the central heating boiler provided it has been annually serviced in accordance with the manufactures instructions and the appliance is less that seven years old. Service Care does not include the replacement of the central heating boiler; nor labour, parts and materials on any other appliance other than the appliance nominated on the Pre-acceptance inspection Checklist.

9.14 Instruction on correct use.

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